Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma Rita comes to visit and a very sad goodbye

The past 4 months have flown by. When Annie first came out I thought "Ok, August is far away I hope we both enjoy this summer." I can't speak for Annie but we thoroughly enjoyed having her live with us. We are missing her terribly. Lucky for us my mom is coming in today to soften the blow.Top 10 reasons why we loved having Annie here...

10. We never had to put Mac to bed. He slept in Annie's room every night.

9. She was a great running partner. Even the sweat in her eyes couldn't stop her:)
thanks to Nancy that shouldn't be a problem anymore

8.Drew had to wear clothes

7.She would sit in the back of the car with the kids

6. She was so easy to blame things on

5. She entertained the kids constantly

4. She made us look taller

3.Drew rarely had to help around the house

2. She's such a push over you could make her do anything

1. She loves our kids almost as much as we do

We are not the only people that will miss Annie. Our little running group, the valiant 9 class, and all her friends she made here will miss her too. In the little time Annie was here she made a big impact on our Tates Creek ward. We love you Annie!!!!

While grandma Rita was here....
We canned salsa. Lexi came over to help. She loves Grandma almost as much as we do.
We ate a nice breakfast at Keeneland.

Mac's the same size as a jockey. Not really but i'm sure in a few years he'll be taller than they are.
I think the boys just loved spending time with Grandma. Mac loved taking her to the library and showing her things that he likes.

We love you both and hope you are having a great time on your road trip!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last week

Last week Annie tried teaching Mac how to ride a bike with training wheels. Most kids love this, right? Not Mac he was terrified. Mac is the most timid little boy. Which in my opinion has worked in my favor. He has never been a climber, a jumper or really interested in destroying things. But then when it comes to teaching him how to do something new, it's not good.

As always Gray just sat and watched.
Friday we said goodbye to Kels. The Floyd's have been some of our closest friends while we've been out in Kentucky. They have totally taken care of us. Kels was the one I called when I went into labor with Gray at 2:00 in the morning and my only babysitter. We are totally going to miss her but are glad that she's only 2.5 hours away. We are looking forwarded to her swim meets that are closer to home!
Saturday me, Nancy and Annie ran in the Midsummer Night's Run. It was the first 5K for all of us. We set a goal to do it under 30 min. We thought that would be a reasonable goal even for Ms. Annie who just started running last month. We did run it in under 30 min even though it about killed us, maybe it was the hot and humid night or the 4,000 sweaty people running in a small area...but we still had a blast doing it.
Trying not to be such a giant next to Annie.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

McAllister/Millar road trip #3

We met up with Ryan and Roo in Indiana to visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's the biggest Children's Museum in the World. 4 floors of everything a child should or want to know. The huge dinosaurs in front of the museum and in the lobby got Mac ready for the long day. He was so excited he started without us.
First stop. All things dinosaurs. Mac and Lucy at the digging site.
dressing up like a dinosaur
G checking out the slide.Can you tell Mac is having issues with sharing?

Mac couldn't wait to spend the day with Lucy.
Mac and Annie trying out what life would be like in Egypt.

Can you tell we were a little tired?

We ended the museum with a ride on the carousel. Poor Gray had to ride by himself because Mac was screaming.
Saturday night we all came back to Lexington. Sunday, was, dinner and board games. Monday we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was super humid and super hot.
Luckily there were misters throughout the zoo. Even if they smelled like sweaty, moldy clothes it was worth it.
The kids loved all the animal exhibits.

Gray, our little trooper. happy as can be!

We said goodbye in a huge rainstorm. We headed south towards Lexington while they went north making their way to Ithica, New York! Thanks Ry and Roo for coming out of your way to visit!!!! We love you guys and are so excited to have you a little closer.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blackberry picking

Last week we went out to Nicholasville to a little farm where they had rows and rows of thorn less blackberries. The kids loved picking the blackberries!!!

Loved picking them not so much eating them. They were quite tart.
Cheryl and her girls

Mac got distracted by the dandelions.

The kids raced to get to the black ones first.

Mac found out that the ducks will eat the blackberries.
Feeding the fish.
Then we came home and made 5 batches of jam with our freshly picked blackberries and the super cheap strawberries! Thanks Cheryl for the great day!