Monday, April 16, 2012

A little update of the kids and a ton of pictures from my iPhone.

Annie is still a walking disaster. She has a love hate relationship with her stroller. She loves walking with it but hates when it doesn't do what she wants it to do, ie go through walls or go up stairs. She LOVES the swing and stroller which is the main reason we walk everywhere! She's happy and not destroying anything. She's started talking a lot. She babbles non stop. She says, mom, dad, ma (Mac), gg, drink, cheese, shoes, bye, night night, baby... You get the point. She's our miss social. At church she runs away from me to sit with other families and luckily those families feel pity for me and entertain her for a few minutes. Oh how I love this little girl but she never stops moving! She's getting 2 more teeth so Annie has been throwing little parties at 2am and Mom's the only one invited. The boys call her ban ban and I'm not sure why; maybe it's because she's always hitting them? But the name has stuck and the boys deserve the hits, she puts up with a lot. We love you Annie!

Gray... We buzzed Gray's head the other day cause he wanted to look like "my buddy Carson Hill." G always calls his friends by their first and last names. G is still my little helper, loves to cook with me and he was my right hand man when planting the garden. He's by far my most independent child, almost to a fault. I'm constantly unplugging sinks and toilets, picking up 3 or 4 pairs of clothes cause he couldn't decide what to wear. The minute he hears Drew drive into the garage he's upstairs changing into his pjs. Gray talks to Annie in the sweetest high pitched voice and tries to calm her down when she's crying. It's his first season of soccer and he's catching on. The last game he looked terrified until we gave him the thumbs up. But that's Gray, shy and timid at first and when he feels comfortable he'll be cracking jokes and making everyone else laugh. I love you Gray!

Mac is growing up so fast. He's always asking, " what does that word mean..." he has a crazy vocabulary. He got a bike for Easter. We were determined to get mac to ride 'cause for the past 2 years he has refused. But as of now Mac is winning! Hopefully by the summer he'll be loving his bike. Mac has become a little artist. If he sees something he likes he must draw it. It's fun to see his thoughts on paper. He has quite the imagination. Right now he's really into super heroes. We've rented every book they have about Spider man and Batman at the library and he's still not satisfied. He still loves his blanket and it's hilarious to watch him try to find the "smeller."(a specific corner of the blanket) Mac is a sweetheart that hates obeying but does it anyway:) I love you Mac!

Now for the pictures...