Saturday, February 12, 2011

6 years and 3 kids later

We've made some good choices and some bad choices in our lives. 6 years ago we made a good choice, our best choice. After knowing each other for a short 9 months we were sealed for all time and eternity. It's amazing how little we knew about each other then and how much we are still learning about one another now. So much has happened in 6 years and so much has changed. For example...

Then: He was organized and clean and she was a throw it in the corner deal with it later, type of person.
Now: He is a throw it in the corner, deal with it later type of person

She didn't know how to cook and he secretly did
Now: she learned how to cook and they eat more than just tacos for dinner and he still secretly knows how to cook

He wasn't so much a romancer-a used card game missing most of the cards would have been a great idea for a gift and activity
Now: He got 2 dozen roses delivered for their anniversary and he planned the whole night including the babysitting arrangements- and no, there wasn't a used card game involved

Then: She didn't appreciate his gag gifts
Now: she dies laughing every time he gives her one

Then: half the time she went by Ashlee McAllister- it was just easier
Now: No one knows who Ashlee McAllister is

Then:He hadn't been out of the country and didn't see the point in traveling
Now: traveled to 8 countries together and can't wait to see more of the world

Then: He liked to be the center of attention and she did not
Now: He's toned down and she doesn't cry every time she has to speak in front of a group of people

Then: He wore mostly DI clothing- vintage sounds nicer:) and she got dressed everyday
Now: He's traded in those clothes for expensive suits and most days you can find her in sweats

Then: They lived in a single girls apartment complex - they were the only marrieds
Now: There's a lot less girls around

Then: their bed slept 2
Now: their bed sleeps 5

Then: saw each other at least 6 hours a day
Now: Lucky to get in 3

Then: could not imagine what their lives would be like in 6 years
Now: Could not be happier with the way things have turned out

Drew happy 6! Everyday I love you more!