Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter is here

Every time Mac sees it snowing outside he says "Mom it's Christmas, we can open all our presents!" I'm bad and have wrapped most of their presents already and put them under the tree. The presents sit there looking pretty, taunting the boys all day long. So far they haven't attempted opening them but Mac notices if one has been moved or if a new one has been added:)
The first day it snowed G let me get him dressed warm . After that...
The minute he stepped outside, coat off, mittens off, and hat off. No wonder he has a horrible cold this week!

It was hard getting Mac to come back inside. He kept saying he was making snowballs for his snow prophets. We didn't stay outside long enough for him to complete his masterpiece so we are still wondering what exactly a snow prophet is.

For family night last week we wrote letters to Santa. Grays was quite informative...
We had the boys pick out a present for each other and Mac has yet to find a guy to punch in the face, but he's set to give G that because he really wants it!

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Yesterday my parents celebrated 31 years of marriage! This is them around their 2nd anniversary, aren't they cute?!