Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sunday was Mac's preschool graduation- even though he's going back to preschool next year. The kids performed a couple of songs and Mac's little class signed the pledge of the allegiance. He was so proud of himself!

Mac's cheering section- spit up and all!Gray is potty trained!!!
This week I found out a lot about Gray. He is very motivated by sticker charts, he can sit on a little toilet for 3 hours without standing up once and even if he is sitting on the toilet he can pee his pants! Not only did he potty train like a champ he no longer takes a binky at bed time! It was a big week for our G-man!Since we were potty training this week and stuck inside, I sewed a lot! I recovered my seat cushions and sewed 6 pillows. For 35$ I changed the look of my family room and made it a lot more interesting! Love a good project!

4 months

Even though Annie has only been in our family for a short 4 months it feels like she's always been here!

At 4 months...

- Annie still hates her tummy = rarely does tummy time= has not rolled over yet.

- I get away a couple times a week and it's a real treat when I come home to happy baby - she's a momma's girl!

-I'm the only one who can raise their voice around her without her freaking out.

-she's so "talkative"- coohs all day long

-She weighs 16.2 lbs 95% and is 27.5 inches long-99%

-Even though she's more dramatic than the boys were, she's been easier than the boys. It might be because she sleeps so well (10hours), or that she loves her car seat or that she's an amazing nurser:)

We love you Annie!!!