Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The daily

I flew back on Tuesday and we hit the ground running. It was like I hadn't even left. Here's what we've been doing this week...

Played in the Powell's backyard.
Mac trying to get the sled to float
Peacefully swinging until G came and shook things up
Piggies for Annie girl

That sneaky little Leprechaun left us little clues that led us to his "Pot of Gold"- gold fish, a huge thing of cheese puffs, Sunny D and Leap Frog books.
On ourwalk we found a snake and little Annie ate a whole plum! I had 3 very happy kids.


When we were in Utah last November we had a feeling that this might be the last time I was going to see my grandma. So when I got the call that grandma had died I was surprised at how surprised I was. When someone has always been in your life, you never imagine them not. My mom was the only daughter which meant we got to spend lots of time with my grandma but I'm sure all the grand kids felt like they got grandma a lot too. When my parents went out of town grandma stayed with us. When my mom was busy I got to go to grandma's house to play. When my dad was out of town, Sunday dinners were at grandma's. Sporting events, birthdays, tea parties... my grandma was there. So many of my growing up memories include my grandma and I am so grateful for that. All those memories are sweet and I hope to never forget them.

Last week I flew out with Annie to attend the Funeral and viewing. I left the boys in the hands of some great friends and my ever so willing husband- he was so excited to have so much time with the boys; without a nagging wife and mom who insist on eating vegetables and going to bed at reasonable time:)

The viewing and funeral were sweet. My grandma was a sweet woman who accomplished a lot in her life. At the funeral each child talked about a certain attribute my grandma had and what she taught them. I loved hearing stories of my grandma when she was a young mom. Things she did to invite the spirit into their home. My uncle scott talked about how she read the scriptures to him every night and they sang "I know my Redeemer lives" when my grandma was out of town she would ask Scott as a young boy to sing that song to her. My mom talked about how she was an elect lady. Served others quietly and always worked along side them and showed by example how to work. My Uncle Jon talked about how he never doubted because his mother knew- she was a woman of Faith. My uncle Steve talked about memories of grandma. My uncle Brent talked about a car crash he and my grandma got in and how she got down and prayed. She was a prayerful woman. My uncle Larry talked about my grandparents marriage- 64 years. It really was the perfect funeral for my grandma....

The stories touched me as I realized how much my mom was like my grandma. I'm grateful for my grandma she knew what mattered in life. It was the gospel of Jesus Christ and her family. I have so many fond memories of her. As a young girl "hanging out" with her, helping her clean her house. Listening to BYU devotionals as we cleaned. Going through her make-up while she watched "Murder she Wrote." Going to the fruit stand to get the best peas. Making scissor candy and other fun Christmas candy. Canning. Eating homemade pickles and onions. When I was going through my awkward tall stage- I may still be in it- she would always say "Ashlee stand tall, you are beautiful, be proud of your height." Occasionally she would dig her knuckles in my back so I would sit up straight. I could go on and on. I feel blessed that I have so many memories of her.
My grandpa and mom with my grandma's only 2 living sisters. Carol and Lois.
They have been so sweet to my mom during this time.
My grandpa dedicating the grave site
the originals- minus Dave
Nat and Grandpa

My grandma with the boys when they were babies....

My grandma loved telling me the story of when I was young, I was decorating her parents graves and I told her,"Grandma I'm going to the first one to decorate your grave."