Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last week

Last week Annie tried teaching Mac how to ride a bike with training wheels. Most kids love this, right? Not Mac he was terrified. Mac is the most timid little boy. Which in my opinion has worked in my favor. He has never been a climber, a jumper or really interested in destroying things. But then when it comes to teaching him how to do something new, it's not good.

As always Gray just sat and watched.
Friday we said goodbye to Kels. The Floyd's have been some of our closest friends while we've been out in Kentucky. They have totally taken care of us. Kels was the one I called when I went into labor with Gray at 2:00 in the morning and my only babysitter. We are totally going to miss her but are glad that she's only 2.5 hours away. We are looking forwarded to her swim meets that are closer to home!
Saturday me, Nancy and Annie ran in the Midsummer Night's Run. It was the first 5K for all of us. We set a goal to do it under 30 min. We thought that would be a reasonable goal even for Ms. Annie who just started running last month. We did run it in under 30 min even though it about killed us, maybe it was the hot and humid night or the 4,000 sweaty people running in a small area...but we still had a blast doing it.
Trying not to be such a giant next to Annie.