Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Still no baby and really, I'm ok with that! Physically I'm ready, the house is clean, the bags are packed, closets organized, bedroom painted and my body has had it. I'm bigger than I have ever been, swollen and just plain uncomfortable but the thought of going into labor is scary. I kind of forgot about the pain thing until recently- but there's no turning back. My goal to have her as far away from Christmas is working so far.

Besides the labor and Christmas thing I'm so excited to hold her for the first time. See who's traits she has, finally name her and let the boys meet her. Gray thinks she'll be born tomorrow while mac thinks I have another week. The doctor on the other hand thinks I'll go any day. I'm dilated to a 3 and 75% effaced but I learned the hard way with Mac that you can be that way for a long time and not go into labor on your own. So if that happens again, we've set an induction date just in case.

Update on the boys... I think they sense change. Mac is a little or a lot more emotional these days. Gray is naughty as all get out. He bullies everyone. But he has a way of getting himself out of trouble. He's a charming thing. This Sunday G was put into a new nursery. When Drew went to pick him up after church the teacher gave us an update on his behavior. "Gray tackled and punched Dawson in the mouth and gave him a bloody lip. He also punched pretty much everyone else in the class too that tried to take his toys but he always said "Sorry" and he was fine as long as I kept him by my side." Oh it was a proud parent moment! How could we have 2 boys that are sooooo different.

Hopefully the next post will be filled with pictures of our sweet little girl! Until then enjoy this picture of my large stomach!