Thursday, July 2, 2009

louisville Zoo

The look on Mac's face sums the whole day up. He LOVED everything about the zoo.

Nancy and her crew came a long.
Josh and his little shadow
All day Mac was asking to see the Zebras
But once he saw the lions that's all he talked about. "I see Alex the lion."
We stopped to eat lunch. Instead of eating these boys bullied much older kids and attempted to throw rocks at the tigers. Don't worry there was no way they or anyone could have hit them.
awesome aunt Annie

The splash park was a hit. Again Mac with all his excitement kept running into much older kids and trying to push them down. Really, he was out of control.

Posing on the lizard

Gray was great the whole time even though we lost his binky ten minutes after arriving. He pretty much ate everything we brought and was quite a disaster by the end of the day.Oh and notice the hair cut. I got carried away and buzzed his head. I still can't decide if I like it.
Thanks Powells for another fun adventure!!!