Thursday, July 23, 2015

Saying goodbye

I've been dreading this day for the past year. Jacklyn is my friend that I could hang out with everyday for a week and then not see her for a week and that's ok. The friend who after hanging out, we call each other on her way home so we could finish our conversation. The friend who doesn't need plans or a heads up she's up for just about anything. The friend who's fun to eat with, workout with...The friend whose kids are like my kids. She was my go to... And saying goodbye was painful and horrible and I miss her... How's that for mushy?! 

Nancy came down for one last girls night. I love these ladies! 

Sweet Candace moved too-  5 days after having her 3rd baby. It feels like everyone just left for the summer, come fall, it'll feel like saying goodbye to them all over again! 
Candace and jacklyns last day in Pam's class. Candace had her baby later that night- she's a rockstar! Love these ladies 
Lennon and Walt 

Bike rides

On one of our bike rides we found a turtle ...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Annie girl

Annie's derby hat- love that she gets into this kind of stuff 

Annie's promotion ceremony at building blocks preschool 

Dance recital rehearsal- we didn't make it to the recital- she talked me out of it- it didn't take much. 

Face painting  
Annie is my new running partner. She pushed me to run faster down the flats and down hills and I literally pushed her up parts of the up hills. Proud that she made it the full 3 miles! 

A morning at Keeneland

Breakfast at the track kitchen with Candace and Jacklyn and then exploring the tracks. I'm going to miss these girls! 

This is what cooking with a baby looks like.

This is what getting my hair done by Jacklyn looks like- it's a complete gong show but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Love my new hair cut. 

The kids earned a night at Get Air 

Walt's first taste of solids 

Spring has sprung

Spring is magical in Lexington. 

Lexington cemetery 


Baseball season

Another baseball season for gray and some how I didn't get a picture of him playing. Gray played short stop most of the time with occasional first base. He loved this season and loved that drew was able to coach as much as he did. Gray has a passion for baseball and played very well but his team won very little :) we loved cheering him on!!! 

Gray crashed on skateboard and skinned his face... 



(Watching our friends bunny for the week) 

April was a big month for Annie! She finally got to play soccer and loved it! and she learned how to ride her bike! She literally just got on her bike and rode. No crashes, no hesitation, just rode and wouldn't get off. That's all she wants to do now. Within days she was popping curbs and riding in tight circles. When Annie decides to do something, she does it!