Monday, May 11, 2015

My veiw 
Sweet boys 
So glad grandma Rita could come help and see baby Walt!! 

This wrap is life changing!!! I feel like can do everything again cook, clean and keep him safe. I'm not sure how I could do everything without him especially church! 
Pucker up!! 

Gray came home with this ... Poor kid just wants to play. 

We are surviving but tired! Walt is a bit stuffed up- the downside of being born in November. The nose Freda is out best friend, constantly cleaning put his little nose.   

Annie LOVES her little brother- maybe a little too much. She wants to hold him all day and is actually quite good at it. 

Playing twister- g usually wins 

Tummy time 
All the boys during family scripture study. 

3 week check up

At almost 3 weeks old this little guy has put on 1 lb and has grown an inch! He's 50% I weight and 75 % in height.