Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grandma and grandpa come to visit

My parents came for Mac's birthday. I had forgotten how nice it was to have them in our home.  We of course, celebrated Mac's birthday. We went to Keeneland, breakfast with the works. Watched the horses run, ate breakfast and got pictures of the kids taken. Annie loved all the Horsies.


Monday we went to Red River Gorge and hiked around. I have never seen it prettier! The leaves were such bright colors! It was fun hiking with my parents and watching them with my kids. They haven't changed a bit. My mom taking her time, collecting leaves. My dad asking what the colors of the trees were (he's color blind). My mom finding a fence and brightly colored tree and making the kids get on the fence and take pictures. I seriously hated when she did this and now I sit back and watch her torture my children. But in her defense, they do make cute pictures:) It was a perfect day.

On Tuesday we all went up to Indiana. We shopped and shopped and the highlight for the kids was swimming with my parents. Having them to ourselves for 5 days was amazing. It could not have been more fun! I'm counting down the days until their next visit!

Mac is 6

 Our little Mac-a-doo is 6 years old!!!! I feel like all of the sudden Mac grew up! Mac has been planning his 6th birthday party since his  5th birthday. I finally told him that we couldn't talk about his birthday until mine was over and on the 22nd of September the planning began. He wanted everything lego. He even told me what the cake should look like. After some tweaking and convincing the party was planned and it was everything he wanted!
 Mac invited 7 of his friends. We ate pizza.

 Lego spoon race

 Lego Bingo with Lego candy blocks

 Lego man search and rescue...

Since starting school I've been able to come into Mac's classroom and help out and I take Annie and Gray to eat lunch with him every other week. I can't tell you how fun it is to see him in his element. He's confident, friendly, funny and respectful. Can you tell I'm his mother:) I'm sure the kids around him get tired of him talking but the kid has a lot to say! He loves school except for his math worksheets. He loves his friends. He loves Legos! He's still my best playroom cleaner. He hates to do anything wrong and is a little overly worried about getting in trouble. He just finished his first season of T-ball. He didn't care too much for the game but loved playing in the dug out with the rest of the team. Mac hates contention and tries to make everyone happy. We love our MAC!!!

29 years old

Not sure I'm liking this getting older thing! Luckily I have great friends and family that make birthdays fun!