Thursday, August 13, 2009

McAllister/Millar road trip #3

We met up with Ryan and Roo in Indiana to visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's the biggest Children's Museum in the World. 4 floors of everything a child should or want to know. The huge dinosaurs in front of the museum and in the lobby got Mac ready for the long day. He was so excited he started without us.
First stop. All things dinosaurs. Mac and Lucy at the digging site.
dressing up like a dinosaur
G checking out the slide.Can you tell Mac is having issues with sharing?

Mac couldn't wait to spend the day with Lucy.
Mac and Annie trying out what life would be like in Egypt.

Can you tell we were a little tired?

We ended the museum with a ride on the carousel. Poor Gray had to ride by himself because Mac was screaming.
Saturday night we all came back to Lexington. Sunday, was, dinner and board games. Monday we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was super humid and super hot.
Luckily there were misters throughout the zoo. Even if they smelled like sweaty, moldy clothes it was worth it.
The kids loved all the animal exhibits.

Gray, our little trooper. happy as can be!

We said goodbye in a huge rainstorm. We headed south towards Lexington while they went north making their way to Ithica, New York! Thanks Ry and Roo for coming out of your way to visit!!!! We love you guys and are so excited to have you a little closer.