Sunday, July 10, 2011


Drew put together a Millar family reunion. Shirts were made, a schedule was put together and family came in from Idaho, Kentucky, Arizona and Missouri! The weekend was a blast!

First on the agenda Fishing....
Beej being a good uncle!
Mac was most excited about the fishing, he could not wait.
But when Maggie caught the fish he was a little scared...
then they brought it home and he tried to be brave...
i Love this face!
Jed cut the fish up and Mac cried and cried. So they tried to put it back together, wrapped it in plastic wrap and put in the freezer. Mac kept saying "Put water in the bag so it can stay alive"- poor kid!

It was a great start to the Millarapalooza!

Dave's on a mission

One of the main reasons we flew home and stayed as long as we did was to see Dave off on his mission. Since living in Kentucky I feel like we have missed out on some of these major events in our families. It was great to be at the homecoming/farewell and Dave's last weeks at home. We were able to spend lots of time with him and be there for the setting apart and the sad goodbyes at the MTC.
Our last family Home Evening before Dave went into the
MTC was all about preparing for a mission. The kids dressed up like missionaries, got "Future" missionary tags and helped Dave pack his bags. We ended the night singing "I hope they call me on a mission."
Since then the boys have been talking about their missions and how they can't wait to go.

Last family picture before the MTC- missing Nat and Drew

all the nieces and nephews

saying goodbye at the MTC

Mac and Gray are going to miss their Uncle D!
Love you Dave!