Friday, August 12, 2011


Since we have been back from Utah we have pretty much spent everyday, all day at one of the Lexington city pools. It's been pretty great. I've been able to hang out with friends while our kids totally entertained each other. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures of the 20+ kids and us hot mommas- haha!

Mac and Gray took lessons for the first 2 weeks...

Mac's becoming a strong swimmer. He can swim the length of the pool only rolling on his back once to take a break.

Gray's lesson consisted of him sometimes putting his head underwater. Most of the summer Gray was content dipping his toes in the water but got a lot more comfortable towards the end of the season.Annie was such a trooper at the pool- rolling around with Elisabeth.
Mac loved going down all the slides and Gray was always there cheering him on!

Last Saturday after Drew got off of work we went to the Pirate pool. When we got there the diving board was closed. Instead of patiently waiting for the diving pool to open again, Drew told Mac to run up there really fast and jump before the lifeguards saw him. What are we teaching our kids?

Goodbye Summer- it's been great but bring on the cooler weather!