Sunday, February 12, 2012

7 years (post authored by Drew)

(First picture of us together)

It's hard to believe that we have been married for 7 years. The mere fact that someone can live with Drew for that amount of time is incredible.

So, to celebrate, we have identified 7 reasons that we have loved the past 7 years and why we look forward to at least 70 more.

#7- We have introduced 3 terrific kids into the world. We know that most parents believe that their kids are the best, but we can honestly say that ours are in the 95th percentile (at least in height and weight). Mac is our intellectual, the future marine biologist loves books and cannot forget anything. Gray lives with passion, he is affectionate and helpful, and occasionally still threatens to "punch [us] in the face." Annie is our adventurer; she spends a disturbing amount of time in the toilet (both with her hands and feet), she has the gift of gab, and refuses to kiss with her mouth closed.

#6- We have watched each other cry. I have watched Ashlee cry during church, movies, books, and even certain episodes of Felicity. Ash has witnessed me cry a much fewer number of times, but they were much more embarrassing - like the first time she waxed my eyebrows or those times when I talk about my Dad and just start to cry (it's a good cry, not like a "Dad used to beat me" cry). It is nice to have a witness to our emotions that passes on the opportunity to judge and looks only for ways to offer support.

#5- We have laughed a lot. One of the reasons I fell in love with Ash is because she loves to laugh, and I love to hear her laugh. While we have laughed at TV shows, Facebook status updates, and the misfortunes of others, the most laughter comes from our daily interactions - Ash's wit and Drew's propensity to be the center of attention and his never-ending ability to increase the awkwardness in any situation.

#4- We have changed and become better people. Drew is kinder and gentler, he has a better sense of style and does fewer annoying things. Ashlee has become more patient because Drew still is pretty annoying.

#3- We have shared triumphs and sorrows. We finished law school, got a great job, bought a house, made goals and accomplished them. We also have endured the passing of loved ones and the challenges of health conditions. But the triumphs were more rewarding and the sorrows less impacting because we had each other.

#2- We still love being around each other. When we leave our kids at home and go out a couple times a month, we still love holding hands and just talking to each other. Ashlee's greatest trait is that she is just so fun to hang out with, and Drew's greatest trait is that he can manage to hang out with people who are way cooler than him.

#1- All the memories we have over the last 7 years have meaning because we made them together. We have traveled around, we have exchanged a lot of presents, we have served in many church callings, we have completed household chores and projects, and have thoroughly enjoyed each memory. But the things we did were only a minor part of the memories. The fact that we did them together is what brings happiness to our lives and makes us anxiously look forward to the many memories that will come our way in the years to come.

So Happy 7th Anniversary to us! (More so to Ashlee than to me, because, let's be honest, it's been really easy for me).

The other years...3,