Saturday, October 30, 2010


Halloween 2010
All day Mac kept asking "Is it 6:00?!!!" He was so excited for the Trunk-or-Treat!
Gray = Zebra, Mac = Tiger
Me and Drew were dressed like we were on a safari.

waiting for the trunk-or-treat to start

Tom Selleck? It wouldn't be Halloween without a fake mustache.

Carving pumpkins and Playgroup

Last night we carved pumpkins and made sugar cookies. Mac requested a scary face jack-o-lantern. Gray sat like this the whole time drooling on Drew's arm. The boys loved how the pumpkin turned out and we've eaten way too many cookies. SUCCESS!!

Last week for playgroup we did a Halloween carnival. Thanks to a lot of friends for helping out, it turned out great.

Toss the Spider...
Pin the nose on the pumpkin...
Fish with a witch...
There was also a coloring corner and cake walk. Everyone brought a Halloween snack and I think all 40+ kids had fun! I know this one did...


Mac's first season of soccer is over. I wasn't sure how he would do. I put him with an older group of kids hoping he would learn a little more and mostly because he had friends on that team. Mac did great. You could tell he was at least a year younger than most of them but every game and practice he improved and best of all he liked it!

Even though he did more of this ...
than this...

We loved cheering him on and look forward to many more seasons of soccer!