Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He's 1!!!!

Monday June 15 Gray turned 1! This year has gone by so fast. I remember the night I had him.G was 10 days early and at the time I was hoping I would go to the due date.It was Saturday the day after we closed on our house and the day before Father's Day. All day Saturday I packed and cleaned the new house. After moping the kitchen we (Mac and I) left Drew at the house to get some more work done. I ended up falling a sleep at 12 only to be awaken by Drew and some contractions. I couldn't go back to sleep so I took a bath, did laundry and packed my bags. 2 hours later we were off to the hospital and 4 hours after that Gray was born! He was the best Father's Day present and couldn't have come at a better time!
Gray has been such a great baby. He is feisty as can be but loves to cuddle and say momma in the sweetest way. He can take hits from his brother and fall down the stairs and only cry for a minute. He growls on demand and giggles at just about anything Mac does.
We Love you G!!!
Mac went with Annie to pick out a present for Gray. They picked out some plastic animals which Mac had a hard time giving away. We wrapped it up and he couldn't wait to give it to G. Mac ended up opening the present and saying "Look GG animals." and that was the last time Gray saw his present:).
Mac sang the whole "Happy Birthday" song to gray throughout the day. He's pretty funny!
Opening Nana's present. We can't wait to use the pool!
The girls patiently waiting for a piece of cake.
My first cake made from scratch. Not the prettiest thing I've seen but it tasted great.
Mac blew out the candle for g.

The guys hanging out talking horses. Kev is a bad influence on our husbands:)

Thanks everyone for coming to G's little party! It was a fun night. Thanks Cheryl and Annie for taking all the pictures!
The next morning we woke up to find a package on our door step from Grandma and Grandpa McAllister. More presents to open!
Love this picture. I can't get enough of Gray jabbering on like a crazy person. He makes the sweetest faces.

1 year stats... Weight: 23.6 lbs (70%) Height: 32 1/4 (above 95%)
Gray's new dance when I sing the turtle song.

Thanks everyone for making Gray's Birthday so special!!