Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Mac and Gray have been attending Building Blocks Preschool at North Lexington Church of Christ. They have loved it there. All the teachers are volunteers and they truly love the kids. Sunday was Mac's preschool graduation and Gray's commencement program. Mac looked adorable in his graduation gown. He was so serious through the whole program. Gray could not have been happier than he was on stage. The songs were adorable, they have learned a lot this year and have made some great friends. Mac was pretty sad when he realized he would not be coming back to this preschool and will most likely never see his friends again...
 Mac and Jack best buddies
 The boys in the class. Keaton (the teddy bear), Mac, Jack and Nico have been in the same class for the last 2 years. Mac's sure going to miss them.

 "if the devils in the way, we will run, roll over him..."

 Drew, Chad and Annie

 The 3 amigos- what is Gray going to do without them next year?!
Ivy, Lily and the boys. 
It's been a great year, glad Gray will be back in a short 4 months!