Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventure day at shaker village

Shaker village is usually pretty Uneventful. Last Saturday they opened up the village for a free day of activities for families. Drew was a little leery but since we didn't have anything planed we decided to go.

The whole thing was so organized with different activities on the half hour. We started off seeing the birds of prey. There was a bald eagle, 3 owls, a falcon,2 hawks and a vulture. Pretty dang cool!
After we headed over to fishing. They had the fishing poles ready to go and we each got a cup of worms. In a little Over a half an hour both boys caught a fish. Success!! We finished the day going on a critter hunt. We met with a group and were taught how to find and catch crawfish, salamanders and little flat nose fish. Obviously the boys ate this up but were disappointed when neither of them caught a salamander. We called it a day after Mac pushed gray in the creek...