Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have a 4 year old!

Crazy that my Mac-a-doo is 4! My how time flies. He has been a delight to raise.

He keeps me on my toes by asking weird questions like, " Do sharks get pregnant or do they lay eggs?" The answer...both. He loves to play games, especially matching games. He has a great imagination and names all his animals: Ike, Grant or Mason. He's talkative and loves to be surrounded by people. He's a leader, in other words, likes to be in control-bossy. Insist on the same morning ritual with Drew. Everything from what they talk about, how they shower, get dressed and then end with a hug and kiss goodbye. If anything gets out of place, he tells Drew he did it wrong and then coaches him through the morning! Drew is a great sport and goes along with it every single day!

Mac we love you so much! Happy 4th Birthday!This year we decided to throw Mac a real birthday party. He wanted an animal party. Here's how it went...

the invites-
inside the balloon was the official invitation.

the cake and decorations...
Pin the nose on the elephant

Elephant hunt-find the peanuts....
The kids loved opening the peanuts and instead of eating them, fed them to my dad.
Pass the candy...

When the music stoped the child holding the candy got to eat one.
Balloon pinata
Between every game the kids put their masks on and chased each other around the yard.
Sweet Lindsay professed her love to Mac, "I love you Mac!" Mac looked at her and said, "No, I love my grandma!"
Later that night we had a little family party, where Mac got a fish, books, more toys and dart guns.
Happy Birthday sweet Mac, we love you!

Mom takes a back seat...

I'm lucky to have such great parents and my kids are lucky to have such great grandparents. When grandma and grandpa come to town, I no longer matter. I'm not making it up, Mac even told me he liked my mom more. It's ok, I'm used to it. I can't compete with Grandma Mom, she's pretty impressive.

We had a great five days with them. As always it went way too fast.

Our week was spent going to Mac's soccer game, a bourbon distillery, Mac's birthday party and of course my parents cleaned my house and kept everything tidy, looking perfect when they left.

Mom and Dad thanks for coming and even though you live fifteen hundred miles away you manage to make us such a big part of your lives!