Thursday, October 6, 2011

What have we been up to?

Annie is on the move! Which means I am too! We have been busy cleaning and picking up everything before Annie can get to it and gobble it up. The girl puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Her favorite things to chew on these days- shoes!
Walks and more walks. The weather is amazing, Annie loves her stroller and the rest of us get restless, so we walk to the duck pond, the park, friends houses or just around. We have loved our afternoon walks and will really miss them when the weather turns cold.

Chalk! in the past I would go out and draw for the boys. I would take their requests and do my best. The more knowledge Mac gained the harder the requests got:) Mac still has me doing some of the "work" but he's figuring out the whole drawing thing. Gray loves to trace my drawings but really has a knack for chalk art.

G's self portrait!
Mac's cavemen
Fall, you are too good to us!