Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yesterday I turned the big 2.8! Is it just me or does everyone mentally have an age that means "you've made it?" Mine was 28- I know it's not really old but when I moved to KY I was 21 and there was a group of moms that were 28, they had 3 kids, working husbands and I thought wow, that looks pretty great but it's forever away. Well, over 6 years later, I'm here and yes, 28 is pretty great!

To celebrate the big day we went up to Cinci for a day of shopping and a Reds game!

A partner Drew works with in Cincinnati was there at the game as well. He came down and chatted for a bit, brought the kids cookies and some posters. Mid conversation he said, "I'll be right back." He came back with Reds hats for all the kids! The boys were ecstatic!
G loved the game. He watched the whole time and asked about the batters and the players in left field. He yelled and cheered and tried to get the attention of Dave Sappelt (the Reds Left Fielder). It looks like Drew has a baseball buddy for life!

Mac enjoyed the popcorn and the Iphone...