Tuesday, May 24, 2011

family fun

After a long week- we got to spend time together as a family!!! Saturday late afternoon when all the craziness ended, we went on a family outing. First to Evans orchard and then out to dinner...

digging in the "corn box"
miss chubs!

Mac is always surprising me. He's so timid and careful but when it comes to anything that most kids are nervous about, he loves. I can't wait see him in Disneyland!
Then there's gray who jumps off anything and is a walking disaster- is terrified of the slides. - it doesn't make sense to me!

The best part of the night was that there were only 2 other families there and one of them were our friends!

After the fun at Evan's we went to Wallace Station - delicious sandwich's and desserts! We will be going back!