Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm going to Jackson...Hole

When I blog I tend to like to do it in order, it's easier to put into a book that way but I'm impatient and going to just blog the pictures I have-Jackson Hole and the Cul-de-sac of Fire. We're going backwards:) But before I do, have I mentioned we're going to have another baby? Most of you know but we are due with another bundle of joy in January! Next week I'll be 15 weeks and if this pregnancy is anything like the others, next week will be magical and I' ll start feeling good again (fingers crossed.)
moving on...

Every other year we get together with my Dad's family for a reunion. This year we went up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and it was amazing. I'd forgotten how beautiful and relaxing it was up there. The drive up was eventful to say the least. We blew a tire and took some wrong turns, the 5 hour drive turned to almost 10! Luckily that was the end of our bad luck the rest of the trip went smoothly.My uncle designed this shirt for our reunion.

Friday we picked Drew up from the airport, ahhh- we were finally together after 10 days. The boys wanted nothing to do with me and wouldn't leave Drew's side. From there we went to the alpine slide and the boys LOVED it.
Mac was a little nervous about the lift at first but when we got to the top he didn't want to get off.

G laughed and screamed "Again" the whole ride.

Thursday, HOT, Friday HOT, Saturday the day we're going white water rafting, COLD like 63 degrees cold. Perfect if you aren't planning on getting splashed by freezing water. Most the girls broke down and rented wet suits, the best 6 dollars I ever spent.
Check out my cute grandma. such a trooper.

I sat in the middle where it was nice and safe. I hid behind Roo whenever we got hit by a wave. I know I'm a wimp but it was so cold!
Luckily Roo was in front of me cause she ended up in my lap most of the time:)Even though it was cold we had an amazing time!

The RODEO. This is what Mac looked forward to most. He wanted to see a real cowboy and a real bull. Well, while everyone else was disappointed with the lame rodeo (no pros just the locals trying to ride) Mac loved every second of it.
Most of the McAllister Clan. Missing Aunt Marla and Jeff and their 4 boys and Scott and Steve.
Our little McAllister family minus Scotty

Sunday... church, naps, a walk around Jenny Lake and fireworks.

Watching the fireworks. Teton Village put on one of the best shows we've seen.

The weekend was really, really great. I loved spending time with cousins I adore and meeting some of their new spouses. The card games got crazy but what would you expect from the most competitive family in the world! Thanks grandma for the great trip and making sure we get together once in a while!

Monday we dropped Drew off at the airport and headed home:(

The Cul-de-sac of Fire

I grew up in a pretty great place. A cul-de-sac of 12 houses and a million kids, not quite a million more like 50, give or take a few. In the summer the moms would sit out on their porches talking while the kids ran around shoeless and having the time of their lives. There were crazy wars between boys and girls and some of the best baseball and hockey games ever played. It truly was the best place to grow up.

Well, since we were little we have been having the Cul-de-sac of Fire. All the neighbors come together for a BBQ, a flag ceremony, and of course, fire works. Thanks Shaw family for making sure this tradition still happens!

This year was fun, all the "kids" my age came with their kids. It was great seeing all the families growing.

When our kids weren't terrorizing the other children they wrestled with Grandpa. I'm not kidding about the terrorizing. Mac, G and Lucy took over the slide and wouldn't let anyone down. There was pushing and Mac jumped on a couple of kids. Embarrassing, but the funny part is that everyone understood, "Oh look it's a McAllister. " I guess we were a rough bunch when we were little too:)
Lining up for the flag ceremony...
The kids loved the fireworks that were in sync with the Anthem.
Watching the fireworks