Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gray is 2!!!

CRAZY my baby turned 2 on the 15th! Crazy he once was this little...
We love our little G, he has definitely spiced up our lives. Always laughing, can throw some of the best tantrums but is still the sweetest boy! I love that he's talking more. He repeats everything we say and because of his amazing tantrums, has been in time out a lot lately, so he now can count to 20 with little to no help. I think my favorite thing Gray does is instead of saying "Yes" he says "What" it's confusing at times but super funny. I took Gray in for his 2 year check up. He's 37.5 inches tall (above 95%) and weighs 30 lbs (75%).

Onto to the festivities...

We all weren't feeling great Tuesday, G was GRUMPY. We went into his room singing "Happy Birthday" and he just sat there, yelling "No! Stop it!"
But cheered up when he saw all the balloons and presents...

He got a tool bench and all the tools to go with it. Both boys loved it!
Showing us the card Grandma Davis sent him!

We ended the morning party by eating bacon and toast for breakfast, G's favorite.

Later we had a little birthday party with one other family. Gray opened Grandpa and Grandma Mom's present (a new trike, pictures to come) and had cake and Ice cream.
G loves cars so I attempted to make a race car cake. Same as last year, not the best looking cake but pretty tasty.

Nat sent Gray a present on Saturday, he slept with the present every night until I finally let him open it the day before his birthday. Thanks for the shirt!
Scotty sent G a present too. The package was filled with sweet little Italian chocolate eggs with toys inside of them, little Nutella jars and Shrek chocolates. They were a huge hit!
Thanks to all the family and friends who sent presents, called and sent texts to wish Gray a happy birthday! It turned out to be a great day!