Tuesday, June 22, 2010


One thing that I've learned a lot about while living in Kentucky is change. We have started our family out here and watched it grow. We have moved 4 times. We have been students and now professionals. But what changes the most is our friends. We have been blessed to meet so many great people and become good friends with many but there is a time when we have to say goodbye to them. Lexington for most, is a pit stop, a place of education but not professionalism and that's ok. I just hope all our kids meet up at BYU and reunite these friendships. Wouldn't that be great?!

Last night we said goodbye to our good friends the Rosenhans. Luckily they are moving to Utah to finish up Branden's medical residency at the U so we will be able to see them when we visit.

The night was filled with laughter and awkward moments created by Mac and Savannah or how Mac pronounces her name, Fanana. This was their idea of a train...

Tiff, thanks for the fun night! We'll miss you guys!