Monday, April 13, 2015


I had Walt on a Thursday, Saturday my dad flew in, Sunday Ry and his family drove into town and Tuesday the rest of the family showed up. While I was in bed drew took the family around lexington. They went to a horse farm, southern lights, midway, golfing and a ton of restuarants. 
Friday night we blessed Walt in our home before all the family left to go back home. His blessing was sweet saying that he would be positive, cheerful and an example to those around him. A pure mind and a heart dedicated to The Lord. There was much more but I loved these two things that were mentioned. We can ak ready tell he's a special boy and will be a peace maker in our family. 

Walt's first week at home

Walt's first bath- he ended up loosing his umbilical cord the next day- only 4 days old.

I had to add this picture- this is at Walt's first check up, he was 5 days old. I was still having spinal headaches and could barely sit up but I didn't want to miss his first check up. I took some pain medication, layed I the backseat and by the time we got into the dr. Office the pills kicked in and I was feeling pretty put of it. (Drew had the baby most of the time.)