Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday the 13th started out like most Fridays. Woke up made breakfast, cleaned the house, showered while the boys wrestled on my bed. Started getting ready, boys still wrestling and then screaming! "G, sorry G, sorry !!! Mom it was an accident!"

When I saw gray's arm I immediately knew he broke it. Plus the fact that he cried longer than a couple of minutes made me think it was broken too. So we hurried and got everyone ready, dropped Mac and Annie off at a friend's house and headed to the pediatrician where the doctor took one look at his arm and called an orthopedic doctor. To make a long story short, the x-rays showed that in fact his arm was broken.

His arm right after he fell
While the nurse was looking at Gray's x-ray I overheard her say "wow, and he didn't even make a sound!" Gray really was amazing. Cried while we were home but the minute we left the house, no tears, no complaining. Even when I had to adjust his arm for the x-ray he didn't wince or say a thing.
In this picture you can tell the difference between the good arm and the broken arm.

"Mom I look like superman!" 
G is loving his cast and is still being a champ. I was worried about his pain and being able to sleep with his cast on but everything went great. He slept great and acts like nothing has changed. In Gray's short life he has been through a lot; multiple ER visits, stitches/glue, eye surgery, front teeth getting knocked out, and now a broken arm. But out of all my kids Gray can handle pain and crazy situations the best. He's always calm and never complains which makes everything easier on me and I love him for that.