Saturday, January 22, 2011

my mom

My mom was able to come help for the week. It was great, it always is. With every baby we pick a show to watch all day and night. With Mac it was LOST, we watched the first 2 seasons. I'm not mentioning the one we picked this time- but it was good. I lay around while my mom is our slave. Life is good when mom is here! She's so great it makes it hard to say goodbye!

Every pregnancy, birth, and baby are different. And with every one I learn something new. Here's just 4 new things...

1. Labor, giving birth, nursing, all the pain that accompanies these3 things does not compare to saying goodbye to my mom.

2. Waiting to see your baby before you name them is a million times harder than naming them before and leaving the hospital without a name is the dumbest thing you can do!

3. Crying is ok as long as you know you are irrational and crazy.

4. saying goodbye to some of your best friends 5 days after having a baby is a bad idea! Hear that Kev?!-this deserves a post of it's own!Needless to say this week has been hard in different ways. Annie is such a great baby. She sleeps, eats and poops like a champ, nothing to complain there. The boys are adjusting beautifully. Mac can not get enough of his little sister and G is in his own little world, content as can be. So it might be confusing why this week has been so hard. Hormones, is all I can guess. I can't wait until I get back to my normal non crying self!

and because I know my mom misses Annie just as much as we miss her. Here's Annie stretching- my moms favorite thing she does...
if only I could get a picture of her puckered lips.