Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye Hawaii

Hawaii was such a dream! Sad to say goodbye! 

A mermaid came for a story and a swim 

Wedding day

Nats wedding was such a family affair. They all are but staying with each other, relying on only family to get everything done made it a really special morning. I made bats hair piece and bouquet and I did get hair. Taylor did her makeup. She looked beautiful. 

I've never seen her more happy! The ceremony was quick and to the point- perfect for this couple:) 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hukilau beach and cafe. My grandpa heaps use to own a house right off this beach. So many fun memories of this place and still our favorite beach on the island.

Pre wedding BBQ back at the hotel 

Day 2 and 3,

Pearl Harbor 

Polynesian culture center 

Day 2

Shave ice and Waimea beach on the north shore. 

Mac jumped off this 35 ft rock twice. 


On our way to Hawaii to see Nat and Aaron get married and to have a McAllister family vacation. It was a long flight but the kids did fantastic.

Sunday morning we woke up early (hawaii is 6 hours behind us) to this.

G is our little scavenger- look at all those hermit crabs.

 Sunday evening stroll along the coast.