Friday, November 27, 2009

Drew's cousin Chris and his wife Katie came down to help celebrate Thanksgiving for a couple of days. While they were here we roped Katie into taking our family pictures. I love how they turned out, she was able to capture all the sweet, funny moments. Here's my favorites minus the one I'm sending out in our Christmas card...

The boys were ready to be done:)

As for thanksgiving, I think it was a success considering it was my first time hosting Thanksgiving (last year didn't count cause my mom did everything) The Jacksons also joined us for the big meal. The turkey was moist and delicious, I stressed and stressed about it. Everything else tasted fabulous as well. It was a great day!

Thanks Chris and Katie for making the long drive. We think you should find a way to transfer to UK dental so you could live by us. Just think of all the fun we would have:)

Monday, November 23, 2009

A little update....

The boys are keeping me busy. At this point it's hard to believe people can handle more than two. Ok, so it's not that bad. I think I'm feeling a little overwhelmed cause I just got back from Sam's Club and Kroger and the boys were full-on fighting in the aisles and the greeter guy at Sam's asked why Drew (met us for lunch) was dressed so nice and I looked (long pause).... so casual. He answered his own question with "Oh it's cause you're a mom." Despite my casual apparel at all times and being tired of cleaning and chasing the boys I really do love being a mom. I wouldn't change anything.

Mac isn't potty trained yet and it's on my mind everyday but he fights it still. I'm hoping his desire for a goldfish will come in handy when I try for the 3rd time to potty train him next week. Wish me luck, the kid is as stubborn as they come.
On a positive side Mac is saying the funniest things. Today when I put him in time out (after a huge melt down at Kroger) he said, "I don't want mom, I want daddy and I want mommy to leave me alone." I laughed cause we both wanted the same thing:) When Drew gets home from work and we are finally eating dinner Mac always asks,"Dad how's work? You had fun?" Mac is picking up on the things I say like when he's mad at G he says"G don't do that, look at me, do you understand?" I love watching them interact. Gray adores Mac and Mac really is a good protective older brother.This is what happens when Drew and I are outside doing yard work thinking that Mac is watching a movie. Instead he found a roll of toilet paper, clogged the sink, and put a tube of toothpaste in his hair. Luckily only a few magazines got ruined and water on the floor which was easily cleaned up. It's amazing what Mac did in a matter of minutes.

Here's some pictures of our last ward play group. We went to a gymnastic center. I don't now who had more fun the kids or the moms. I felt like a kid again until the next day when I couldn't move without feeling pain everywhere:) Lindsay, Grant and Mac

Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's true, almost every morning I was pregnant with both my sons the only thing I could stomach for breakfast was Ramen Noodles. And not just any Ramen Noodles but Beef flavored Maruchan Ramen noodles. Yes, I know this isn't normal or even remotely healthy but to me this breakfast was a life saver and a great begining to a tiring day.

So I guess I'm the only one to blame when my boys ask and even cry for the same breakfast. It's not their fault, they came out addicted:) Have I ruined them?

I keep telling myself that if we lived in China or any other oriental country this would be totally normal. We could eat Pork Noodles day in and day out and be considered perfectly healthy and normal:)

Good thing the boys are happy and healthy, enjoying the fall weather.


and yes I realize I got way more pictures of Gray than Mac but that's just because Mac was doing this...

He makes it hard to get a picture of him:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


After running the Louisville half with 12,000 other runners in 90 degree heat, I swore I would never run again, but I gave into peer pressure and Saturday I finished my second half marathon.

Getting ready to leave for the Preble Half Marathon in Eaton, Ohio.

On our way to the race. Some of us were excited:)
It was pretty cold. 48 degrees and WINDY!
At mile 3-4 feeling good and stripping off layers. Did I mention the race was out in the middle of nowhere?!
I finished in 2:04 (average 9:28). I beat my last time by 12 minutes. Honestly, now I'm a little bummed that I didn't make my goal (1:58) but at the time I couldn't have been happier with my finish. All this means is that I'll have to run another one:)
Our little running group at the finish line.Lora, Nancy, me, Angela N., Angela B. and AnnMarie.

Now onto the good stuff...
I couldn't wait to get home to Mac and Gray. Have you ever seen a cuter frog or snake?

This year Mac struggled with Trick or Treating. He would walk up to the door and then half the time wouldn't open his bag. When Drew tried to help, Mac would scream,"No, I don't want it!"
Once he found his friends, he warmed up to the neighbors.
Gabe introduced Mac at every door "This is Mac, he's my friend." So cute!

Mac sat and listened to Gabe explain to him why you don't run into the street. " You'll get hit by a car and probably die!" That kid cracks me up!

Gray running off with the candy. A great way to end a crazy day!