Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Byes

The last night we roasted marshmellows and watched the sun set.

 I love that my parents make these trips happen. I know they are expensive and not the most convenient but these memories we make are priceless! I love my family and look forward to the next time we are all together.


 The mornings that we rode down to the beach were my favorite so I wanted to document it.This is where the ride took us...

 A real live Alligator!
 after 2 miles we hit the glorious beach!

It started raining so we loaded up the kids and headed for cover. While we hid under the branches of a tree we watched an old couple fight and tell each other to "shut up!" It was hilarious and then as if things couldn't get more entertaining a girl running through the rain clothes lined herself on one of the branches and fell on her back- you can not make this stuff up. Life gets more exciting in the rain!  


Thursday we went to Charleston south Carolina. We visited Fort Sumter, where the civil war started. but the highlight of the day trip for me was the city itself. It was such a dreamy city! I posted some pictures of the houses below from my phone but they don't do it justice. I LOVED Charleston.

more Hilton Head

Harbour Town

Horse Shoe Crabs

Bikes and Beaches

Bikes were the highlight of this trip! We rented enough for the family and every morning we stayed on the island, we loaded up the kids and headed for the beach. It was magical. I wish we lived in a place that we could do this every. single. day! Not the beach but the bike riding, Lexington hills and lack of bike paths make it difficult. Anyway, the bikes were great and Tuesday we headed to the beach...
 The water was glorious- warmer than we had hoped and the sand was perfect. The beach it self was huge and the sand was hard and packed down so we didn't get sand everywhere and we could ride our bikes on it.
The whole day Mac and my Dad were in the ocean together. Mac loves the water and has no fear and my dad is a trooper!
Our little free spirit! To say Annie was a bit of a handful this week would be an understatement but she sure was happy on the beach! She could roam all she wanted, splash in the water and eat as much sand as she wanted.
These 2 were inseparable all week. Lucy would set up different scenarios and Gray would follow along. I think todays scenario was, Lucy being an over protective mother and Gray her son...

Savannah part 2

Saturday we met the rest of my family in Hilton Head. It was as if we had never been apart. We spent the rest of the weekend riding bikes and celebrating mothers day. We talked to Dave via Face time- felt a little guilty we were all together without him. Monday we headed back to Savannah.

First things first...Eating! We headed right to Mrs. Wilkes diner to wait in line. We had heard good things about this place but there were a couple draw backs... it was super popular, they don't take reservations and oh ya, it's only opened from 11-2pm. we got there at 10:45 and over an hour later we were in and boy was it worth the wait! Southern food at it's finest and plenty of it!
The rest of the day we toured the city, ate pralines and got caught in a massive rainstorm. Savannah was charming with it's beautiful architecture, amazing parks on every block and the trees!


 We decided that we would start the vacation a little earlier than the rest of my family. Have a mini Millar family vacation. Friday we packed up early and made our way to Savannah and luck would have it, a family friend was getting married that day in that city. So we stopped by congratulated the happy couple and sent off exploring the southern beauty of Savannah. We spent the night downtown, let the kids destroy the room and set off early the next morning for breakfast and a long walk through the city. After we checked out of the hotel we headed over to Fort Jackson. It was nestled on the banks of the Savannah river. We walked around and finished the tour with the shooting of a real, live cannon.