Friday, September 12, 2014


My parents came for a visit back in July. We had the most perfect fall weather and we spent most of the time outside swimming, bike rides, and a swim meet. 

On my parents way up from Atlantathey bought  fireworks. When they told me they bought some, I was thinking little fireworks but nope they were the real deal. Lots of oohs and ahhs! 

Bike ride on legacy trail 

Swim meet 

Annie helping make the bed and getting grandma ready to go. We love having them here! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Our good friend Megan lindmark now Stucki got married. We love Megan and are so happy for her!!! 

This girl LOVES jam. 
Farmers market- juicy peaches 

Getting dragged through Costco- why not! 
Finding frogs in veterans park 

Swim banquet at gatti town 
Grant and Mac at their last swim meet of the year. Speaking of swim team. We loved it. Swimming 5 days a week for 6 weeks, I was worried we all would hate it but total opposite. The boys did great and improved a ton! Macs favorite stroke was the free style and breast stroke and grays was free style and back stroke. 

Swimming with our friend Kelsey! 

Carrying sweet Harper around 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy birthday Drew!!

 if you ask anyone in our family who their favorite person was in the family and they honestly answered, they would say Drew. He's easy to love. I often reflect on our dating months and realize how little I knew him and man, did I luck out! He's a great provider, and an amazingly patient dad and husband. I know I could ask him to do just about anything and he would make it happen even if his poor body was acheing. He's generous with his time and seems to have more than anyone around him. And he never stops improving! 

I Love you drew, happy 32!!!

Hiking, bears and lakes

Drew wanted to touch as many Great Lakes a he could- this is Lake Michigan 
Taquamenon falls 

We found a bear sanctuary that was pretty interesting. It's a family owned home for bears. Did you know that in many states it's legal to own a bear? Well, people actually buy bears and then later realize they can't take care of them, and this place takes them. We actually got to feed and pet a cub. 

And Lake Superior 
One night G collected peices of crabs...
Our last night camping it rained and rained, we all slept amazing! Isn't camping in the rain dreamy? Well, until you realize you have to use the bathroom and pack up the car. 

This trip was amazing! The nights cooled off into the 40's we enjoyed the outdoor beauty and spotty phone reception. It was the perfect little family vacation. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Up in the UP

We crossed over to the upper peninsula to camp on the banks of Lake Huron and because it was The 4th of July we had to light some fireworks. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mackinac island (pronounced like mackinaw)

One word to describe Mackinac island is dreamy. Seriously we have already started plans to go back. The island is the only place in the US that doesn't allow any motor vehicle- no cars, motorcycles, scooters, nothing! Only bikes and horse drawn carriages. The island is known for its fudge so that's what main steet smells like. Yum! We hiked around and fell in love with this island, the lawns were perfectly manicured, flowers the size of your head,  the most beautiful homes and picturesque hikes. We had the perfect day. 

Annie could not get enough of all the wild flowers. 

Lake Huron. 

The movie Somewhere in Time was filmed here. Recognize the Grand Hotel?