Sunday, December 13, 2009

November to Now

In 3 days we'll be on our way to Utah to spend Christmas with our families. Well, me and the boys will be, Drew will join us a week later. I'm still getting use to him having a real job:) Anyway, I figured I better catch up on blogging now or I'll never get it done.
Thanksgiving was great this year. Luckily Cheryl brought her camera or I would not have had one picture from the day.
The guys checking out all the black friday adds.
Dads and the "Babies"
Kaitlyn and Mac enjoying the coloring sheets Cheryl brought.
Chris and Katie were good sports to help and put up with the crazy kids.

The following weekend we went to the Shaker Village to watch the annual Blessing of the Hounds and to watch the the first formal meet of the season. I didn't know what to expect, Tiff told me about it, we didn't have any plans, so we went. The riders and hounds during the blessing.
The back of the Governor of Kentucky and the riders off to find a fox.
We sat up on a hill and watched the riders hunt.
Kaitlyn, Cheryl, baby Zach and Brynn

Branden, Elli, Tiffany, and Savannah
the boys kept busy
It was a great morning...

Last weekend we went to a local tree lot. We didn't have any intentions on buying a tree we just went to roast marshmallows, sit in the sleigh and look at the donkey, llama, goat, sheep and duck.

The boys loved the donkey which had a sign that said "don't touch me I bite!" Gray stood in front of it and "neighed" pretty much the whole time we were there.
Last Thursday was Mac's preschool Christmas program. Mac freaked out at the beginning and came and sat with us instead of singing with the other kids.
Gray's first real experience with Santa. He hated it and Mac really wanted to talk to Santa but didn't want to sit on his lap. (don't blame him) He was very serious when he asked Santa for a Woolly Mammoth toy for Christmas.

The biggest event of the past month was Mac getting potty trained!!!! 10 days ago we started the dreaded process and now it's been 6 days without any accidents. He's amazing! Oh and I took him for his 3 year check up last week(just 2 months late), he's 42 inches tall and weighs 42 lbs. the Doctor said he was the size of a 4 1/2 year old.