Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yesterday we were able to go the World Equestrian Games and see the horse jumping event. We loved everything about it except the weather, it was freezing! Luckily we bundled up, brought treats and ended up lasting a whole hour. The boys loved cheering and when the horses ran into something, well, that just made things more entertaining (don't worry the horses don't get hurt)

We decided that this isn't the best sport for G to watch. He had a hard time keeping his cheering to himself when the horses were jumping.

Mac outside the stadium

After, we strolled around the event center. Learning more facts about Kentucky- horses, coal mining and Bourbon.
When we got home Mac insisted we build our own steeple chase for his horses. He was very particular on the set up, trying to make it look just like the course we left hours before. He named his horse "Millar" after the Canadian rider.