Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Everyday Mac brings home anywhere from 3 -12 papers. Some are notes, journal pages, old homework assignments but most of them are pictures he's drawn. Mac LOVES to draw. Since the weather has been bad they have had more free time to draw, which is his favorite. I'm not quite sure what to do with all the drawing he comes home with. They are adorable and express how he's feeling and his likes at the time but there are soooo many of them! Sadly, when he's not looking I throw most of them in the recycling bin and save the gems. Here's my favorites from this week.
The first one is a collage that me and Mac made. He cut out all the things he likes, the ocean/ swimming, camping, Lego ninjago, baseball, and action figures.
Picture #2
I am.... All things that Make Mac, Mac. Loves pizza and cheeseburgers. Loves playing tennis and wii video games. He has brown eyes and blonde hair and he's tall and a rascal. He loves his soccer ball shirt and camo pants- which he doesn't own and his car socks and tennis shoes.

Picture #3, 4 and 5 is a feeling book he brought home.

Mac expresses himself so well. I never have to wonder why he's acting out or happy cause he just puts it out there  I love him so much even if I'm always the one he draws when asked "what makes you sad or mad" and his grandparents are the ones he draws when asked "what makes you happy?":)

" I feel happy when it's my birthday"

" I feel angry when my mom acts the same as me when I'm sad"

"I feel loved when my grandparents hug me"


Sleep, it stresses me out! When it comes to being a mom I know 1 thing- to be happy the kids need sleep and I need sleep. We were spoiled with Mac. He slept really well as a baby. The other 2 not so much. Even now Mac doesn't need as much sleep as Annie and g does. He doesn't get sick often and a bad night sleep doesn't equal a bad next day. Gray on the other hand needs sleep, at least 10 hours or we are paying for it. And Annie, I need her to sleep and she needs the sleep. She's been cutting out her naps. She will only nap every other day. But i still got a break cause she just played in her crib. But last week she realized climbing out of her crib was not scary but fun. So we had a week filled with no naps and surprise visits in the middle of night. What would you know- she got sick. Saturday i was desperate. i researched options of "keeping your toddler in her crib" and was disappointed in what i found so i did the unspeakable- switched the locks so i could lock her in her room. it's safer this way, can't have a baby wondering the house at night. Now we sleep on her floor until she is fast asleep. her nightly routine went from 10min to 30- 60 min. Luckily the excitement of climbing out of her crib is gone and she is sleeping much better and is feeling better. But man oh man I'm tired!