Monday, September 21, 2009

26 And Still Got It!


(To experience the full impact of this post, go to the music section and start "She is Love" by Parachute and read at a moderately fast pace.)

So I am not much of a "birthday guy." Growing up I rarely had a "birthday" wasn't that my parents forgot or that they didn't have the funds, they just chose not to celebrate what my mother affectionately termed "the day the music died." Okay, okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but I just have never been one who was a good gift-giver or a good gift-receiver, so I tended to plan school sick days, and the downfall of my junior high romances based on the birthdays of those with whom I associated.

I do pride myself on being a fairly decent gag-gift-giver, but that art is steadily losing its footing in mainstream America. Because of my marriage to the author of this blog, I have found myself feeling horribly inept each February (Anniversary & Valentine's), September, and December. Try as I may, I am painfully aware of the fact that gift-giving is not a strength of mine.

Even in drafting this post, I have spent an hour writing and deleting my attempts at being funny, cute, poetic, and even accidentally inappropriate. So I thought to myself, "why am I doing this?" Then I had a realization, a birthday is like a yearly funeral (without the dying part), it gives family, friends and even acquaintances (thanks facebook) the opportunity to tell you how much you mean to them. The celebration of the day is really a celebration of the person.

So here goes (this is probably a better place to start the song):

On September 21, 1983 my world changed. While I wouldn't meet Ash for another 20.5 years, the day certainly has significance. The decisions that she made during those early years may have seemed small at the time, but in hindsight, the effect of those consistent good decisions made our current lives a possibility. Our lives together have been full of many joys, the occasional disappointment, and some of the most fantastic memories that two people could share with each other. Each event I experience with her is so much more meaningful to me because she is a part of it. Despite her apparent perfection, she is steadily finding ways to improve, and I am amazed at how she manages to get more beautiful each and every day.

So today I celebrate the life of a wonderful mother, a devoted wife, a true friend, a great listener, a steadfast supporter, a tremendous dancer, an even better homemaker, and the greatest person I have ever met. I am mindful of the fact that each moment I spend with her makes me an exponentially better person myself. She is what keeps me going, what gives purpose to my life, and what makes me look forward to the wonderful future we have ahead.

I love you Ash. Happy Birthday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

He's old enough to go to Preschool?

Yesterday was Mac's first day at My School Preschool at Southside Christian Church of Christ. He was so excited to go. We woke up a little late, I hurried and made him a lunch, got him dressed, forgot to comb his hair and scrambled to get G ready to go. Couldn't find Mac's shoes so he wore his bright green flip flops which didn't match his outfit. Not the ideal morning for a big day like this. What can I say, we are not morning people and being late just isn't an option so things get sacrificed like Mac's hair and shoes:)

Smile it's you're first day of School...
Ok, even though you're not looking at the camera it's still a smile:)

Look at my little brutes. Gray with a gash above his eye (fell on a roller skate) and Mac with fat, split lip (slipped in puddle in our garage). Boys are so much fun!
Mac in his Apple Dumpling class. Still not wanting to look at the camera but really happy to be at school. Lindsay and Maddy from church are in his class too.
Now for a nice morning with just Me and Gray.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life is good

You know life is good when your husband can take time off of work to take his family to the lake. Spending the whole day relaxing with friends and having good conversations. Watching your kids play and not having a worry in the world, just enjoying the warm water and perfect weather. Yesterday was a much needed get away for the Millar clan.
After this summer I've felt like we (Millars) needed a regrouping. With Annie leaving and our moms out visiting it's been hard to know how to go back to life without them. I've been trying out new routines with the boys and trying to get us used to just being us.
This weekend was crazy. Drew and I spent very little time with each other. I felt like when we were together he was doing one project while I was doing another. So yesterday with the hour drive, to the lake and back and being "stuck" with each other on a shore or boat for the whole day without phone reception was just what we needed. It was like old times. I had one child while Drew had the other. Don't get me wrong, we still miss Annie, life was easier with her - we got to "slack"off but not anymore. After yesterday I feel like we are on our way to getting back into the swing of things.

Enjoy the pictures. As always I took way too many but this time I had an excuse, I was the only one who remembered my camera. Here's the highlights...
The kids getting ready to leave the dock and no I didn't tell them to pose.
Enjoying the ride

The others on their way to the beach.
The kids entertained themselves. Mac followed Gabie everywhere
Mac's first sandcastle.
You would find Gray doing one of two things. Eating food he found in the sand or playing in the tubes. His poop was pretty sandy today. Too much information?

Mac thinking he's driving the boat and taking it very seriously.
Me and Mac tubing.
Gray just relaxing and enjoying the ride.
Drew, you look way better in those sunglasses than I do.

Me, Debbie and Linda tried out the tube. Lots of laughs.

Tommy and Lexi.
Swimming, both Mac and Gray loved it.
Jumping off the Pontoon boat. Even after having 6 kids Debbie still has the energy of a 12 year old!
It was an amazing day. I think we might need some more regrouping next month:) Thank you, Hyde, Carlson and Mendez families for the perfect day!

Grandma Mom Comes and Goes

Last week my mom flew out to spend 5 days with us. For me it was one of the best visits. Maybe it was because it was just her and I hadn't just had a baby. Either way we enjoyed every minute she was with us.
We went to Berea, a little artsy town hid away in the Kentucky hills. Beautiful buildings, fun shops, and great food.
We went to the Explorium. It was so fun I bought a season pass.
The bubble room...
Water works...
We took walks...
Found a 300 year old tree in the park near our house.

Check out how wide it is. The tree that is.

Ended the night at the park. I can never look at the slide the same way ever since my friend told me a story of seeing a group of 10 year olds taking turns peeing on all the slides. Thanks Nancy!
Thanks mom for coming we loved having you!