Monday, November 23, 2009

A little update....

The boys are keeping me busy. At this point it's hard to believe people can handle more than two. Ok, so it's not that bad. I think I'm feeling a little overwhelmed cause I just got back from Sam's Club and Kroger and the boys were full-on fighting in the aisles and the greeter guy at Sam's asked why Drew (met us for lunch) was dressed so nice and I looked (long pause).... so casual. He answered his own question with "Oh it's cause you're a mom." Despite my casual apparel at all times and being tired of cleaning and chasing the boys I really do love being a mom. I wouldn't change anything.

Mac isn't potty trained yet and it's on my mind everyday but he fights it still. I'm hoping his desire for a goldfish will come in handy when I try for the 3rd time to potty train him next week. Wish me luck, the kid is as stubborn as they come.
On a positive side Mac is saying the funniest things. Today when I put him in time out (after a huge melt down at Kroger) he said, "I don't want mom, I want daddy and I want mommy to leave me alone." I laughed cause we both wanted the same thing:) When Drew gets home from work and we are finally eating dinner Mac always asks,"Dad how's work? You had fun?" Mac is picking up on the things I say like when he's mad at G he says"G don't do that, look at me, do you understand?" I love watching them interact. Gray adores Mac and Mac really is a good protective older brother.This is what happens when Drew and I are outside doing yard work thinking that Mac is watching a movie. Instead he found a roll of toilet paper, clogged the sink, and put a tube of toothpaste in his hair. Luckily only a few magazines got ruined and water on the floor which was easily cleaned up. It's amazing what Mac did in a matter of minutes.

Here's some pictures of our last ward play group. We went to a gymnastic center. I don't now who had more fun the kids or the moms. I felt like a kid again until the next day when I couldn't move without feeling pain everywhere:) Lindsay, Grant and Mac