Friday, December 30, 2011

Off to the the Ho-in-tell

The day after Christmas you could find us in Cincinnati at the CoCo Keys Water park and Hotel or as Mac says it "Ho-in-tell." Mac loved it, went down every slide, the bigger the better. We threw G down one of the smaller slides and he screamed "Never again!" the rest of the time he was content cheering for Mac. A water park is no place for a kid that has water anxiety.

Did I mention Annie took her first steps a couple of weeks ago? She was loving the walking thing until G tackled her. Ever since then she's been a little timid of walking and her playful brother.


Christmas morning was exactly how it should have been. The kids woke us up early. We opened a present, played for a bit and then opened the next. It took us over an hour to open everything.
Annie was content eating the one cookie Santa left until she opened her doll. She grabbed it, hugged it and kept patting it's back.
The boys loved everything they got. Especially their animal planet sperm whale and sharks. After opening it Mac excitedly said, "Santa really knows me, I didn't write sperm whale on my list and I got him anyway. He just knew I liked them!"
The morning was topped off by church. Can Christmas be on Sunday every year? I loved getting ready and meeting with people I love, singing Christmas carols and listening to talks about the Savior.
Yes, Christmas was pretty great but we missed our families. I missed having them here to share in all the Christmas joy. Thank heavens for technology- we spent most of the day on face time! Maybe next year we will all be together. Kentucky Christmas everyone? :)