Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday Post

Gray this year had 3 birthday parties for his 3rd birthday! The first one was before we left to Utah just with our little family.
The 2nd was shared with Maggie at the Millars...
G got everything Lightning McQueen and Grandma Rita made him a quilt.
and the 3rd was really low key cause G was sick with croup but Grandma mom took him to the Disney store and let him pick out his presents. What more could the kid ask for?

Gray is such a great kid. Even when he was super sick he was upbeat and playing around.
The older he gets the more he wants to cuddle and be held- mostly by his dad.
He loves chocolate and asks for it every morning.
He has a potty mouth- he puts "butt" at the end of most sentences.
He has a great sense of humor and laughs a lot!

we love you G-man!

Drew turned 29 today! This is the 7th birthday I've been able to celebrate with him. Drew spent his 22nd birthday with my extended McAllister family. That's when I knew I loved him - true story. On his 29th birthday (today) he is lucky enough to spend it at Youth conference with 200 kids! What a lucky guy?! Drew is really amazing, he has a stressful life but seems to handle everything beautifully. Between work, family, and church service he has very little to no time for himself. I don't know how he manages to do it all but he does and does it really well!
Love you Drew! Happy 29th!