Sunday, July 31, 2011

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth- in 5 years!

It all started last year when Mac found a plastic sword and decided to hit Gray with it. I don't think Mac meant to hit Gray as hard as he did and right in the mouth but he did. Shortly after, we noticed G's front 2 teeth slowly turning gray and a small sore started growing on his gums. After a couple of weeks of antibiotics nothing changed and we got the bad news that Gray needed both front teeth pulled so the infection wouldn't affect his permanent teeth.

We prepared Gray for the procedure by talking about it constantly and I took as many pictures as I could:) I think the whole experience was more traumatic for me.
G did great. He was so relaxed he kept crossing his legs. No, tears- he was a champ.

We are getting use to Gray's toothless smile and new lisp! G on the other hand loves showing off his new smile and could not be more proud of it! He walks around saying"I'm a vampire!" Teeth or no teeth, he is one cute boy!