Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last day

 Thursday on our way home we stopped at the Jefferson Memorial. We were hoping that the cherry blossoms had popped but I think we were still a day too early but we did get a sneak peak of the blossoms. The kids had fun racing up and down the big marble stairs. It was a great way to end the trip.

 I think one of the things the kids loved most about the trip was the daily commute on the Metro.


Later that night Drew took the boys to a Nationals baseball game and I went out with Mj and Emo.

  I'm not sure when I met Mj, probably in nursery. My first memories of her were in kindergarten. I would walk home from school with her and have a snack or lunch. From there on there wasn't a time she wasn't there. We have soooo many memories together. Some funny, some sad and too many that are embarrassing.  It's funny that we are best friends cause we are really different but maybe that's why it has worked. No matter what happens in our lives or how different our lives become, when we talk it's like nothing has changed. The nights we went out, we talked and talked and when we said good bye I felt like I needed at least another day just to finish catching up!