Thursday, November 21, 2013


Drew has been in trial in West Virginia all week. When he goes out of town I usually  A.  get into a cleaning frenzy B. become the crazy craft women C. become a book addict or D. redecorate the house. This week I became all 4. Read all day monday and cleaned out my cupboards. Tuesday started a quilt and brought out the Christmas decorations. Wednesday and Thurday I spent the days/ nights finishing up those projects. The whole time I had Annie a long for the ride. She's my little sidekick, when I cleaned, she cleaned. When I read she played quietly next me. When I decorated she undid everything I did. She's crazy but I love having her around.

Annie is still passionate about life. - that's a good way to put it right? She's into that "hiding when being naughty" stage. She loves hiding with my makeup bag and applying as much as she can before being found. And when found saying "mommy, I look pretty!" When she knows I'm upset or getting after her for doing something wrong she looks at me with a big smile and says "mommy, you beautiful" and then i can't help but smile and laugh. she must have done this 10 times today. Seriously, she knows how to smooth things over. She still adores her brothers but when in trouble or has to go to bed or time out, she cries- "I want Mackie" if Mac is home he cuddles with her and tells her what she should have done or what she should do. It's probably the sweetest thing ever and something I try to emulate. He's so patient with her and loving. She's lucky to have him around:)

I love my little Annie girl!

She helped me collect pine cones for a christmas craft

wearing my boots and making us laugh during FHE

During one of our many trips to the fabric store.

Cheering for Mac during his basketball game

that's orange chapstick! she loves make-up- oh boy!

She loves babies, especially this one.

Annie is also in that "mommy" stage. She has 3 babies at all times. Usually she's putting them down for naps "shhhh they're sleeping" This is Scarlet she's a good sport, Annie carried her around most of the morning cause "scarlet's a baby, she needs me"

Waiting for the cookies to finish- still loves her sweets