Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look Who's 27!

I was deleting pictures off my camera and realized that I didn't blog about Drew's birthday. And even though he hasn't said anything about it I'm sure he's devastated:)

Drew turned 27 on July 7th. I'm not going to lie, not a lot happened. We went to Asheville the weekend before so we count that as his little celebration. We did the usual... Made him breakfast, took him out to lunch, made him what he wanted for dinner, baked him his favorite cake, sang to him, opened presents, (new church shoes and socks, Joshua Radin Cd (amazing), a gift certificate and a cute toy phone Mac picked out for him). It was a simple day but nice.

We went shopping for Drew and Mac had the hardest time, instead of finding a present for Drew he found plenty for himself.I kept having to remind him that it wasn't his birthday. At the end Mac picked out a toy phone that he thought Drew needed and was so excited to give it to him. Even before Drew could get the presents open Mac blurted out what they were. It was hilarious and impressive that Mac knew what they all were.7 Reasons why I love Drew!

1. I love how he's super low maintenance. All he wanted on his birthday were brats and to play catch as a family. Easy enough.

2. I love how he would do anything for anyone. He got a call at 11:00 on Tuesday night to drive some people he never met from the hospital to a hotel. He did it with a smile on his face.

3. I love that he uses lotion in his hair. He swears by it.

4. I love that he takes a 20-30 min. shower every morning.

5. I love that no matter how much success he has outside of the home what he's truly proud of is his family. He loves being a dad and most of the time a husband:)

6. I love his weird eating habits. A couple carrots for breakfast. PBJ for lunch (If I remember) and at 9:30 pm he breaks out the crackers and cheese cubes.

7. I love how he makes me feel beautiful. No matter how gross I look or how my weight fluctuates he convinces me that I am beautiful. So maybe I love him because he's a super good liar:)

The list could go on and on but I'll save them for the years to come. I love you Drew. So glad I've been able to celebrate your birthday for the last 5 years.