Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shout out to Drew

I do updates on the kids- which is an update on me too but I rarely do i do an update on Drew. Drew got a new calling in church, he's the second counselor in the lexington stake presidency. He loves his new calling but it has been an adjustment to us all. He travels most Sundays and  has interviews or meeting 2-3 times during the week. As always drew rarely gets stessed and rarely complains if ever. Drew is busy with work has a lot of cases going on and in November won his first trial ( did I write this before ?). Not only is drew heavily involved in church he does a lot with the Boy Scouts out here. Last month he was awarded the Silver Beaver for all his efforts with the counsel and the finance division. He loves working with this organization. 

Drew is an example to me of service and love.  We're pretty lucky that he's ours . 

Annie Lynne

I feel like it's time for an Annie update. Annie is 3 going on 16. example # 1… She changes her clothed 8+ times a day. there are clothes scattered all over the house. She has an interesting sense of style. Loves dresses and skirts and sweaters- sometimes wearing all 3 at once and really hates pants. One night I took here to the gym and all the girls that work there went crazy about her outfit that she had put together- it was one of her better ensembles. I'm pretty sure it was the best night of her life. #2 she loves to shop and says things like "oh  gosh this is adorable!!!" "Mom I love it, I need it!" "It's so pretty its my most favorite thing ever!" #3 She refers to her brothers as "My boys" "mom where's my boys?!" It's actually pretty darn cute. And speaking of boys # 4 she loves mac's friends and talks a lot about one of them, Grant Noerhren, she once said laughingly "Ya, Grants my boyfriend" #4 the other day I was leaving and she said "mom don't leave without giving me a kiss" I bent down, gave her a kiss and she said "no mom, you have to close your eyes" so I did "Mom you need to bend your head like this" titling her head to the side. ok did what she said "now mom kiss me and move your face around" What?! And then she says. " oh gosh, you need a boy and I need a boy !" where does she learn this stuff. FROZEN?! on to #5 she has major FOMO fear of missing out. She has to be involved in every conversation, a part of every game, the boys get a little annoyed and boys, it's just the beginning. Annie is high energy, a lot of  sass and the most loving little girl. 

Sneaking frozen cookie dough 
Meda and Annie at the boys basketball game 

Annie finds her way to our room a lot of nights . This particular night she came in before we were asleep. 

Hanging out with dad while he works 
Finally she naps- it was once and it hasn't happened again. 
She hears music she comes running yell spin me or dance with me. 
We got frozen! 
And one last funny story. Annie got a new shirt and on the way to the gym she was talking to herself - "all the people at the gym will say, Annie I love your shirt, where did you get it?" and I'm going to say oh just my house, you know, fancy Nancy's house!" Seriously she cracks me up.