Friday, January 24, 2014

Annie's FROZEN 3rd Birthday

 This little crazy turned 3 on January 11th!!! She is my shadow, my helper, my headache, my entertainment, she's my constant and I love her and she adores me. She Wants to do what I'm doing. Loves everything I do and is always complimenting me on my clothes, make up, food, everything. I was reading her baby blessing and in it Drew said " You are blessed with a cheery temperament and will find joy in life." It was funny at the time cause she screamed while drew gave her the blessing. But this has turned out to be true. She finds so much joy in life. She can throw some serious tantrums (thankfully out growing them) but for the most part she is delightful and cheery. She loves to clean and grocery shop and gets excited if I ask her to help. She's funny and sweet and smart and curious- which can get her into trouble. I love hearing her talk (she rarely stops) and sing- she has a beautiful voice. Last but  not least, she loves princesses and FROZEN! So for her third birthday I threw her a FROZEN party just for her and the boys. 

She helped bake the cake and I decorated it while she was asleep. I wish I had my camera out when she saw it for the first time! we played pin the nose on Olof,  made snowman out of doughnuts, painted and went to FROZEN for the 3rd time. 

For breakfast she wanted sausage and top roman. Gross but she was happy.