Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This summer has been glorious! I feel like its been the perfect balance of relaxing and running around. The boys had 3 weeks of swim lessons with the best teacher ever! They love pairing up with the Edwards! G has made so much progress, head totally under the water and even is doing some strokes. I think he's showing off for lily:)
Days that drew is out of town or working late we head to the park or the library- happens more than we'd like but we are making the most of the situation. The boys have already fulfilled their summer reading goals. They love to be read to especially by drew. 
As a reward of going on a long Saturday temple trip we took the boys to Henry's ark where anything goes. Feeding the zebras was the highlight.
Our little Annie is still passionate about life and has her own idea of how things should run. She's talking a lot, shoes still being her favorite word. She adores G. Follows him around saying "meer gg" here gg.

Last week we said goodbye to our good friends the Grigg's. We prepped Mac for their move all year. If you've asked Mac about his friends, mason Grigg would have been mentioned at least 5 times. We had one last girls night with Annmarie- the most fun I've had in a long time! Saying goodbye to this sweet family was harder than I thought it was going to be. I cried throughout the weekend and Mac has not stopped talking about our trip to new Mexico- which we've never talked about:)

We're excited to see what the rest of our summer holds...

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today our little gray is 4!!! I guess he's not so little anymore... Gray is really a sweet kid. He was so excited for his birthday. Yesterday at 2 different times I heard him singing happy birthday to himself. When he woke up today he had the biggest smile on his face " mom it's my birthday!"
Gray is easy to please, I asked g what he wanted for his birthday and he said, "a bag of Cheetos that I don't have to share and a glow stick." he's a middle child!
It's been a week since I wrote that. Here's how g's birthday went...

We started the day off with G opening his presents and eating zucchini bread. Gray got costumes from grandma mom, Lego batman from Mac, a board game, smurfs the movie and Cheetos from mom and dad. After we finished opening presents we got ready to go camping. We met up with friends at Jelly stone park to continue the party!

With us there were 10 boys and only 3 girls!

Sweet Landon turned 1 on June 15 too. Annie loves Landon and Landon tolerates annie...
This is Annie at 1:00 am. After almost 2 hours of playing in the tent she finally fell back to sleep, snuggled up to Mac.

We loved every minute of our camping trip, even the sleepless night! Gray keeps talking about his camping birthday. It was a special day for G and I'm glad we could spend it with great friends. The next night we were all asleep by 9:45 and didn't wake up until 8! Camping, swimming, and playing sure wore us out!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventure day at shaker village

Shaker village is usually pretty Uneventful. Last Saturday they opened up the village for a free day of activities for families. Drew was a little leery but since we didn't have anything planed we decided to go.

The whole thing was so organized with different activities on the half hour. We started off seeing the birds of prey. There was a bald eagle, 3 owls, a falcon,2 hawks and a vulture. Pretty dang cool!
After we headed over to fishing. They had the fishing poles ready to go and we each got a cup of worms. In a little Over a half an hour both boys caught a fish. Success!! We finished the day going on a critter hunt. We met with a group and were taught how to find and catch crawfish, salamanders and little flat nose fish. Obviously the boys ate this up but were disappointed when neither of them caught a salamander. We called it a day after Mac pushed gray in the creek...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Phone pic update

For family night we made a bat house...

Back in May we went to a derby party. We had fun even though we didn't pick the winner, neither of us ever do.
Drew works up in Cincinnati a lot, at least once a week and if he has depositions 2 days in a row he stays up there over night. this week we decided to crash his little stay in the city and I really don't know why we haven't done it before. We attempted a nice dinner at Nada. Annie lasted the first 30 mins. After, we walked around the city.
The boys entertaining themselves in hotel room by spinning Annie in the chair
the next morning we went to the Newport aquarium