Friday, August 9, 2013


Last weekend drew had a church activity down at laurel lake so we went down the night before and camped with the Hewards. Fished and had 0 luck but it was still fun. 

The next morning we went out in the boats before the youth showed up. After the kids came we left and swam on the beach for a couple of hours. 

I forgot Annie's swim suit so she swam in a diaper but at the end of the day she striped down.


When we got back from Utah drew and I had a goal to get Mac and gray on a two wheeler. We have been trying for years with Mac but we have had little success. Mac was not on board with our goal but gray was. The first night gray tried his little heart out and did pretty good. Lots of crashes but eager to get back up. Mac would not even get on the bike. The 2nd night we got Mac on the bike with bribes and younger brother peer pressure. It was bad. Mac wouldn't peddle fast enough to go straight while gray was basically riding all by himself. We didn't give up and 5 nights later Mac was riding all by himself! He was so proud of himself. Since then I think we have missed only a few nights of bike riding. The boys ask to go every night and sweet Annie is a maniac on her bike. No fear, rides fast and takes a turn like a pro. We have loved our nights. Going to different parks and schools. Riding as a family. It's been a dream. One night after riding a loop at a park for an hour, Mac and I rode home from the park. It was over 2 miles and it had a major hill. No falls or stops the whole way. He has come so far. 

After her first crash

Swinging after riding bikes
Taking a break from riding bikes
Frisbee after riding bikes


Ill get back to the Europe post but here's what the rest of the summer looked liked.... First, when we got back I put the boys in swim lessons. It was a hit and it gave us a schedule and filled our days which we needed. 

Swimming in a friends backyard

We've had great weather for 2 weeks. Mid 70's just not great for swimming. But since school starts in 6 days we braced the clouds and tried the pool. It poured but no thunder and lightning so we stayed for four hours. The kids thought it was so fun!