Thursday, July 12, 2012

 We started picking blackberries at this farm when Gray was 1! It's been fun to continue this tradition and see how much our little family changes year to year. We met up with some friends and Gray proved to be the best picker (the only kid that picked after the first row) I have passed on my love of gardening and all things nature to G and he makes me proud!:) He had to show me every big, juicy berry he picked!
 The rest of the group. It was hot and dry, they were all troopers.

 The kids loved it at first and then the moms had to finish the picking

 Mac picked maybe 10 berries and he was done. The rest of the time he ran the fields playing hind n' go seek with the other kids

 Annie loved the blackberries. She ate them almost as fast as we picked them!

Annie playing in the hammock this year and last year. She has grown so much!

This was Mac the first year we went! He was just two and a half! Still two of my favorite pictures of him.

Links to the past blackberry picks